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Sunday, 7 August 2011


Kohoj was a trek that someone else from the group was supposed to lead. However the member was extremely busy and expressed inability to take it up.

Kohoj was a place I really wanted to go to. The last time I went, I had abandoned just after starting the trek due to low BP which hurt. So despite a very heavy schedule I took it up. This was a place I really wanted to see !

This time I took care. I kept my dry weight a bit above what I normally do. During dialysis, I had adjusted the sodium to around 140 (normally keep at 137-138 depending on weather).

We were only 5 of us this time. So after a long time a V Hikerz trek didnt go in a mini bus but a smaller vehicle. It was pouring and the traffic on the highway was moving really slowly.

What would normally take us 2 hours to cover took us almost 5 hours. We had stopped for breakfast though on the way.

We started the trek at 945 am, it was really pouring. When we started the trek the villagers warned us not to go, but we had come all the way (travelled for 5 hours) and were not going to give up so soon.

We crossed the fields and reached the point from where the lake looked beautiful.

In a repeat of the Nakhind trek, I spotted at least 3 snakes on the way, one of which was seen by the whole group.

We went around the lake and were looking for a route to go to the other side when we realised that the dam was overflowing and we had to wade through almost waist deep water. Wow the Adventure had started.

We slowly made our way to the other side of the dam. There was a villager who guided us on how to get to the other side. (The route was submerged and the other areas were deeper)

The trek started. It was an easy gradient at first but water was flowing all the time. We were walking in water that was half way to our knees. The ground beneath was not visible and hence it was tough to see where to put our next foot. Hence we were going slow. It was still raining very heavily and the water flow was ever increasing.

There were river crossings in between that added to the thrill. We kept going and the way got steeper and the force of the water faster. It was like we were climbing against a waterfall. The image of the route is shared above. We climbed through that kind of route.

At around 1 pm we were hungry and stopped for a snack, there was no signs of the rain abating and the force of the water was ever increasing. We were worried about being stranded in the jungle if the water level in the dam got beyond a certain level. We decided to go back without completing the trek.

On the way back we lost our way once, though very soon we were able to find the route and complete the trek. Luckily the rains also abated and we had to encounter knee deep water in the dam.

On our return, we were met with a horde of relieved villagers. They narrated how the last weekend, they had to send a rescue party late at night to help trekkers who had got lost in the dense jungle.

We were relieved as well !!

When we were eating, I personally was worried how we would get back basically due to the rains.

We were back to the village and on our way home.

Home and wet !!

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