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Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Kids Trek - An Unique Event

When we were kids we grew up in the comfort of home. We were so engrossed in our studies and other "extracurricular activities" that we never really got an opportunity to check out nature. Whats there outside this concrete jungle was unknown to us.

When I started trekking, I discovered the beauty. The fun. The fascinating experience of interacting with nature had me floored.

I have been taking lots of friends for treks and such beautiful places for so many years now. Only once we took kids for a trek and the experience was so awesome.

Kids were feeling so good about trees all around, they had fun playing in flowing water. Crossing streams was also something that they relished doing.

When one of them asked me how they could use the water, one of us prompted them to sit with their feet in the water, wash their faces and one of them even tasted the water where it was clean. (Flowing water is normally potable)

Every moment for them was unique and they seemed to make the most of the day, rather every moment.

We could see the wonder on their faces as they checked out different types of trees, leaves, flowers and even rocks with their unique contours and crevices.

It was a world totally different from that they were living in. It was a world that had nothing artificial, nothing with a mask on it and which prompted them to come into their own.

Their natural selves !!

Then we thought why not do something in a planned manner. And here we go ! V Hikerz are now organising a kids trek on 21st August to Kondana Caves. We are also trying to get along a naturalist who can explain plant families etc to the kids. The idea is to expose them to nature, its beauty and get fascinated by it.

I dont know how many parents will get along their kids for the event or how the whole event would materialise, but our efforts will be to make it a grand success !!

God Willing it will be !!!

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