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Friday, 26 August 2011

The Kids Trek

Yes, we had a good number. 13 kids and adults that added upto 34. This was despite the last minute cancellations.

For the convenience of the kids we had booked 2 buses one from the suburbs and another from Mumbai. This was one of the best co-ordinated efforts from the V Hikerz organising group and kudos to all who helped manage this huge exercise.

We started slightly behind schedule but there were no hiccups on the journey. The kids enjoyed all the way to the base point and had already become pals by the time we reached. The introduction session was reduced to just a formality or maybe for the adults to get to know the names of the kids.

After breakfast we started the trek. Kids enjoyed checking out Imus at the farm on the way, they really enjoyed splashing water at each other in the rivulets on the way. The parents were getting a bit tired along the way but the kids led the way. Even our V Hikerz regulars leading the way had to do a bit to catch up with the kids.

At every step the kids had a gala time.

When we reached the waterfall it was even more exciting. Since it was a first time experience for them, they had to be led into the waterfall. But once they got in nothing could stop them. They got wet without anyone to stop them, started jumping and shouting !

Some of the parents simply rested at the rivulet at the base of the waterfall, preferring to sit out in the flowing water with their feet stretched.

Nothing to stop the children though !!

It was a wonderful experience. The sight of kids enjoying the waterfall was the high pointof the trek. It was a feeling of great joy, of an experiment that had worked - with flying colours !

The icing on the cake was when on the way back a couple of kids told me. "I Love Treks"

YES "All of us love treks"

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