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Saturday, 20 February 2010


We have all played games when we were kids. All kinds of games. I used to love playing catching cook, with marbles, with tops, (Dont see such games being played nowadays.) .Dumb Charades, Truth or Dare and antakshari were some other games that we used to enjoy. One of the most interesting games was Chinese whispers.

Some friends used to sit in a circle and someone would start. The starter would whisper something into the ear of the person sitting next to him / her.

This would then continue with this person whispering what he/she heard to the next person. Finally when the last person in the circle heard it, the sentence was supposed to be announced. In all likelihood, the sentence would be distorted and mostly distorted beyond recognition.

As we grow up we remember these games fondly. We also try to replicate some of these in real life.

We talk about people we know in a lighter vein or loosely. And then the whisper continues. And this happens in full public gaze.

In this case the whisper is not within the group but spread from one to many and then to further many more.

This is a dangerous game. Even though we might be doing things innocently without any malice, it hurts.

In this case the whisper has spread far and wide and the distortion is not only beyond recognition, its beyond repair.

Have we really grown up ?

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