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Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Image and Reality

A camera has been something that has always held my attention. When I was a kid I remember my father taking snaps of me and my sister in his click IV camera. I guess that brand is extinct now. It was a black and white camera and we used to be overawed by seeing our own imaages on a piece of paper. They were in black and white but they were pictures nevertheless.

For a while my dad used a Yashica. This was when I clicked my first photograph.

I instantly loved doing that. Capturing what I see and keeping it for posterity.

When my uncle got a Canon AE-1 I was so fascinated by it. The way the objects in the lens came so close when we zoomed it. It needed a photo roll to be used and hence it was an expensive proposition. I learnt the basics of apertures and shutter speeds with this one and the play of light and the images that were captured therein. The prints were the only output then.

The next generation was the digital camera though it was an expensive proposition in the beginning.We would see through a bigger window what we were about to capture on camera. Also the photo roll was eliminated and pictures became more and more true to life.

The better the camera the better the output. It was really a great experience. The advent of social media signalled the age of sharing. And the camera that could shoot videos became a means to meeting this objective. I carry my Sony Cybershot everywhere now. I trek regularly. Despite all my health problems one thing that I have not given up is the love of photography.

I still am amazed by the replication of reality into a photograph. I cant stop being amazed.

But I also think sometimes.

An image is an image and reality is reality !

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