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Sunday, 14 February 2010

Sudhagad - The Descent

We had just 2 litres of water left. The water that the local family (there is one family living on the top) pointed out to us as potable was brown in colour. (exhibiting the sad state of affairs of our natural resources)

We set out for the route to Dhondse. On the way we found a cistern where there was water with some small fish in it. One of us bent down to fill the water in one of the empty bottles. By the grace of God it was clear and potable. (Mountain water sells at Rs.25 a litre in cities)

We filled the rest of the bottles. On the way we felt hungry so had the fruit and biscuits that we had been carrying. Till we reached the hanuman temple. The hanuman temple was supposed to be the end of the tough part and the village Dhondse was very near. We met another group who were trekking uphill and they directed us to move in a certain direction. Apparently they were themselves quite lost and we went in a route that was never ending. But now there was no going back. We kept moving as there was a beaten path. (Normally beaten paths lead to some civilisation)

We walked for more than 2 and a half hours from here and finally could see a village in the distance. On inquiry we realised that we had reached Pacchapur !!

We could not pin point where we had lost the way, but these things are part and parcel of treks.

Luckily and again by the grace of God there was a rickshawala waiting here to ferry us to Pali from where we got another transport to return to Mumbai. He charged a bomb, but we had no choice. We were too tired to walk the additional 6-7 km to the phata. So much for commercialisation.

It was a great weekend. A wonderful journey and a memorable trek.

Well in hindsight, I just realised that it was the mountain water that helped us get till here.

We got it free!!

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