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Sunday, 14 February 2010

Sudhagad - The Stay

We were quite tired. We needed to rest our bodies for a while. But we also needed to cook the food. We were also feeling hungry. Also we had planned to move out of the wada at around 430 to look around the fort, the temples etc and then catch the sunset.

Two of us rested while the remaining two cooked maggi noodles. The water that the villagers said was potable was brown in colour and we were scared to fill our water bottles with that. It just seemed like dust at the bottom but nevertheless it was scary.

We decided to use it for our cooking though. After cooking and lunch we set out to look around the fort. The Shiva Temple there was so nice. The Bhorai Devi temple was shut from outside. But it was not locked.

We opened it and prayed inside. The vibrations in this temple were so powerful. You have to experience it to believe it. We could feel the divine presence there.

We did some photo shoots and then moved to an area where we thought we would be able to get the best view of the sunset. We kept walking in the direction of the sun. It was a never ending walk. Well almost. Finally after around 45 minutes of walk we reached the end of the plain and we could see the valley from there.

We took so many photographs. It was quite an unbelievable sight. Something that had again to be seen to be believed.

After the sunset, I was in a daze as we walked back to the Wada. I was getting lot of cramps in my stomach as I was fresh from dialysis the previous day. I was really tired and my body was demanding rest. I requested the other members to take care of the cooking for the night as I needed to rest for a while.

After dinner we were chatting away into the night and the next thing I remember was that I was awake at around 6 am. One of the group members was also awake. We tried to wake up the others but maybe they were not destined to see the beauty of sunrise.

We set out and after a stop over in the denseness for defecation we reached the sunrise point.

We also did a rece for the route to go to Dhondse. We found it and we came back by which time the other two had woken up to rue their missed chance.

Well after seeing the photos I am sure they would come back once more

Just to see the sunrise.............

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