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Wednesday, 24 February 2010


After Sudhagad and the wonderful pictures that we put up on facebook, we were getting lot of inquiries to join us for our next trek. The word of mouth was also spreading.

When I started trekking, it was not such a popular hobby. Today with the advent of digital cameras and the internet, lot more people have a desire to see the natural beauty of these places themselves. Today more and more people find the hill stations that are already tourist destinations very crowded and hardly provide the peace that they would give a few years back.

The membership of V Hikerz started growing by leaps and bounds.

Also after the strain of having lost our way on the return at Sudhagad, we desired to do an easy trek. An easy trek was also the demand of the hour as there were a lot of first timers who wanted to trek just for the natural beauty part of it. They were not sure how much of physical strain they could take.

Korigad is located very near to Amby Valley which is an exclusive township off Lonavala. In fact one of the routes starts from Ambavane village which was the original name of Amby Valley.

We got some 21 confirmations. Most of them were courtesy my friend Varun whose entire childhood group joined us. It was a very vivacious group and it was a fun journey.

The route that we took was from Peth Shahapur just 3 km before Ambavane village. It was an easy route that took us to a stone staircase that took us straight to the top of the fort.

There were a few small lakes at the top. But the view from the top in all directions is breathtaking. This was one of the best views that one could get in the Sahyadris with such less effort.

This is an ideal trek for first timers.

We looked around the fort and had tons of fun in the lakes.

We had some snacks and started our way back.

On the way back we stopped at a restaurant at Khandala and had a very late but sumptuous lunch.

However, it was one of the most enjoyable treks that I have ever had. Thanks to all the lovely people who we trekked with that day.

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