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Saturday, 27 February 2010

Nayaks and Khalnayaks

There are several people who make a mark on us. There are some who make a difference. There are some that matter a lot to us. We expect them to be there for us and reciprocate our feelings and emotions. Some people have really made so much of a mark on us that when we think back about what has gone through, we have very fond memories about them.

Then there are some who really dont matter to us. Simply because we dont know them well enough. And maybe because of this we do not expect anything from them. Not a thing. And when we dont expect anything and yet we get so much from anyone, we end up being touched. Touched to the core.

When someone goes out of his way to help you, when it is really not needed, when one has just met someone and just cares for the person for the sake of caring, it touches and touches the core of your being.

In our lives we meet the Nayaks and the Khalnayaks.

The Nayaks are the good guys while the Khalnayaks are the others. Since we encounter the second category more often, the definition of the Nayaks keep changing. We get more liberal with identifying people as Nayaks.

But when someone just cares for you, just for the sake of caring.

When someone helps you, just for the sake of helping.

When someone ends up touching your core, but this time without any intention of touching,

You have just met a true Nayak